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Renae In The Club (Part One)

Updated: Jun 17, 2021

On November 2nd, 2019, Renae Edwards Alexander, an affiliate member of a biker's club, was found dead at the age of 44.

I could categorize it "by association" or "just a random coincidence". The cognitive and logical alignment would place me in the latter categorization, but I cannot escape the association emotionally.

My sister was a member of a Bike Club for more than five years.

The organizational structure is not very different than most large organizations. There is a headquarters based in the New England area. The clubs are geographically divided into regions. Within the regions, there are local clubs, with each local club acting as a supporting affiliate group. Periodic club dues are required for each region, local, and affiliate group. The demographics of the Bike Club consist primarily of men; however, the supporting affiliates are mostly women.

My sister explained that bikers join to enjoy the brotherhood of the motorcycle riding experience and use the club as an outlet for community service, personal development, and fellowship. Many of the club members are family-oriented business professionals who are respectable members of the community.

Initially, my sister was part of an established local affiliate chapter, but "things happened" –what she explained as unethical – and she left that supporting affiliate group to establish a new one. The new supporting affiliate group was chartered under her direction and leadership. Of course, some followed her, and others did not, which created some strife between those groups.

On the surface, the affiliate group's purpose is to partner with the Biker Club to facilitate fundraising community functions and host any special events. This partnership was sketchy, from my observation based on stories told by my sister. However, there was a purposeful effort to paint a positive picture regarding community service to overshadow the historically negative image of bike clubs.

According to my sister, the REAL behind-the-scenes activities and relationships could never be spoken of or to anyone inside or outside of the organization; this was part of unstated or implied policy and procedures. For example, allegedly, if an affiliate member got involved romantically with a club member, she could tell no one and could never pursue any legal action against the bike club, even to the extent of procreation. Doing so would be a vastly dangerous situation.

Actions of deviant behavior against the club or its members are severely frowned upon.

As was the case with my sister, leaving one group and creating a new one.


My sister, a property manager by trade, was spending the evening with her new affiliate member and a Biker brother -- she was helping to move him onto her property. Upon leaving, a parked car blinked its high beams to indicate this is our target. Four perpetrators proceeded to carjack the affiliate members' car.

The member stated that she reactively placed the vehicle in reverse, bumped into a barrier, jumped out of the car, and ran to safety. The barrier was my sister's car. She was pinned by the member's car and was unable to flee. Her car was sprayed with bullets, and she succumbed to her injuries.

Naturally, this story is a recount of what was explained by several witnesses, and there are gaps. Questions about the high beam targeting, the fleeing of the member, why she was pinned in, were the perpetrators related to the member, and others lend themselves to the association? So many questions.

The trial is set for some time in the summer of 2021. I am looking forward to understanding the details, but not the emotional stir.

Random. When people die, there are many questions asked. As Christians, our stance is to trust that God had His reasons, and we ask Him to give us peace and comfort, as with most faiths. Perhaps the affiliate member's actions were exactly as what was stated - a reaction. Maybe she was not related to any of the perpetrators. Perhaps it was part of a local gang initiation? Who knows? I believe somebody does. And I want answers.

Could it be that they were at the wrong place at the wrong time?

Our minds race and swirl with all sorts of scenarios, our hearts hurt, and the truth is indisputable...

On November 2nd, 2019, Renae Edwards Alexander, an affiliate member of a biker's club, dead at 44.

Stay tuned.... More to come this summer.

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